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Jason Keisling
Jason Keisling

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Jason Keisling – ‘In Finite’

Washington DC-based songwriter, producer and composer Jason Keisling has released his superb EP ‘In Finite’, in July 2020. It is a post-rock instrumental release will that give you chills this summer. 

Firstly, the title track opens the release and it slowly grows into the sonic landscape. We found the piano to be hauntingly beautiful and thoroughly emotive. Secondly, we found the cinematic quality to be breathtaking, and the backing strings offer colour to the piece. The song builds slowly until a climactic wonder is achieved. 

‘And the Rest is Rust and Stardust’ is an impressive over eight minutes in length. It is filled with compelling rhythms and intoxicating melodies. We love the twists and turns the piece takes. Keisling certainly takes his audience on a journey!


Jason Keisling says about the two-track release, “Both (songs) are instrumental, but the overall concept is time and mortality.” He continues, “Themes such as death, religion, maturing, nostalgia, and love are present in my songwriting, even though the songs don’t contain lyrics.”

Keisling cites his influences as Hans Zimmer, Explosions in the Sky, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Hum, Porcupine Tree, Sigur Ros, and Massive Attack. We can hear these coming through on this atmospheric release, but Keisling is innovating the genre as he goes. 

‘In Finite’ was written & produced by Jason Keisling. Drums are provided courtesy of Andrew Toy and Mat Leffler-Schulman has mixed the EP. Finally Alex Saltz mastered it. Collectively, they have done an excellent job in creating a piece of art which affects the listener. We are sure it will stand the test of time and be enjoyed for years to come. 

So make sure you take note of Jason Keisling’s name. We are sure you will hear more of it in the future. Until then, check out ‘In Finite’ from the link below. 

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