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Birmingham based musician, Jericho Noguera released his stunning single, ‘What Do You Really Mean’ on 9th September 2019. It is a wonderful Jazz, RnB, and Indie fusion song that reaches the hearts of its listeners.

A jazz riff is first heard, played on an electric guitar and instantly addictive. This soon becomes the backbone to the piece and the listener feels safe in its laid back vibe. A subtle high hat faintly appears in the backdrop before the stunning bass and drums enter for the duration.

The vocals are the centre point to the single. They begin subtle and low in the mix and steadily evolve. Noguera’s emotional and atmospheric vocal performance is simply beautiful.

The bass is melodic throughout weaving its way underneath the vocals, never intruding and always complimenting them. We adored the drums which hit the correct tone to accompany the song. The sensual guitar solo is sublime and adds further depth to the piece.

Noguera says, “I began writing ‘What Do You Really Mean’ while I lived in Bristol, just after the release of my debut EP. In that song, I’m grappling with ideas of certainty, and how necessary it is to understand the limitations of your own perspective.”

Noguera is joined by band members, Samuel Pugh (Guitar, Keys & Backing Vocals), Fabio Thomas (Bass & Backing Vocals), and Ben Lyth (Drums & Backing Vocals) together they have collaborated on ‘What Do You Really mean’ to create a piece of art that feels as though it has organically evolved through experimental playing and expressive musicianship. It is a song that is filled with emotion and texture and it has the ability to reach out and touch the listener.

‘What Do You Really Mean’ is the perfect song for any day of the week, make sure it features in yours today!

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