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Jesse Grossi
Jesse Grossi

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Jesse Grossi – ‘Ride With You’

Los Angeles based musician Jesse Grossi has released his superb latest single, ‘Ride With You’. It is a punk-rock/reggae song that needs to be heard!

This genre fusion single opens to a mellow reggae vibe before the punk-rock feel kicks in. Firstly, ‘Ride With You’ is a storytelling masterpiece. Secondly, we adore the catchy melodies and intoxicating chorus which stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

When asked what inspired ‘Ride With You’, Grossi says, “I was inspired by the idea of an old west shoot out, the sound of the horses stomping the ground while in full tilt as well as the ringing of gunshots in the air.”

“It’s an old west story with a punk rock style and reggae rock melodies. A Story of a gunslinger and his girl who end up getting caught by the law. The sheriff ends up taking the love interest of the hero, who then has to fight his way to the town and find the man who our gunslinger is seeking revenge for.” Interesting and intriguing, ‘Ride With You’ is a classic in the making. 

Recording Process

The single was mainly recorded in Grossi’s home studio. In addition, the vocals were recorded in Ferias Studios, and Andres Ferias mixed and mastered the track. Together, they have done an excellent job in creating a timeless single that will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

Grossi has previously played the prestigious, Whiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood, CA, The Rainbow Room, Hollywood, CA, Canyon Club, Agora Hills, CA, and Fiesta del Sol, Argentina, SF. ‘Ride With You’ is the 2nd single to come from Grossi’s upcoming solo album, ‘Tales of a Tragic Journey’. We can not wait for the full album release. 

To sum up, make sure, you add ‘Ride With You’ to your weekend playlist, we look forward to hearing what Jesse Grossi will do next. 

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