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Jesse Grossi
Jesse Grossi

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Jesse Grossi – ‘Tales Of A Tragic Journey’

An FV Music Blog favourite artist is back! Musician Jesse Grossi has released the magnificent concept album ‘Tales Of A Tragic Journey’, in October 2020. 

‘Skit One’ opens the release; it is a spoken word introduction which sets the scene beautifully. ‘Outlaw’ has an intoxicating vibe from the get-go. The layered instrumentation creates texture within the piece, and the shift in direction keeps the listener on their toes. 

‘Tired of Me’ features a laid back groove, and the opening guitar solo instantly draws the listener in. We love Grossi’s characterful vocals which fill the sonic spectrum. 

We adore ‘Blaze of Glory’, its opening melody and layered vocals are filled with colour, and it’s a song that will have you reaching for the repeat button. ‘Sayonara’ is the final musical track; it leaves the listener wanting more! 

Jesse Grossi says about the release, “Tales of a Tragic Journey is a concept album about an outlaw ‘El Gringo Pistolero’ during the 1800’s old west.” 

He continues, “The songs tell his side of the story, his trials and tribulations, ups and downs with love and run-ins with the law… Tales of a Tragic Journey is Smooth California reggae beach groove indie music, reminiscent of 90s rock with a modern sound and soulful, harmonious vocals.”

Recording Process

‘Tales Of A Tragic Journey’ was recorded in a home studio. Much like Grossi’s previous single ‘Bad Girl’, the album’s vocals were recorded in Ferias Studios, and Andres Ferias also mixed and mastered the album. 

The team has done an excellent job in creating a piece of art that works as a whole cohesive piece of art. Each of the tracks fits well with the next, and the concept of the album shines through. 

 Jesse Grossi is an artist to watch. He is making innovative music and has a sound all of his own. We very much look forward to hearing what he will do next!

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