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Jethro Fox

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Jethro Fox – ‘Time Alone’

London-based artist Jethro Fox has released the superb single, ‘Time Alone’. It is an alternative-rock release that needs to be heard this January 2021!

From an atmospheric opening, an enticing industrial beat breaks through. It is the track’s heartbeat and lays the solid foundation for Jethro Fox’s characterful vocals to enter. 

The backing instrumentation is subtle but integral to the song. It lays the solid foundation for Fox’s addictive vocals to cut through. Lyrically, ‘Time Alone’ is deeply affecting and will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. 

‘Time Alone’ is an intelligently composed and arranged song. Jethro Fox is an artist who innovates the genre and is set to make waves with this release.

In addition, we have added ‘Time Alone’ to our FV Music Blog Spotify Playlist. Enjoy here!

Fox says about the release, “I recorded ‘Time Alone’ after being reunited with former university flatmate & producer Fabian Prynn (DD Dumbo, Douglas Dare) when we both joined the live outfit for the solo project of Elena Tonra (Daughter, Ex:Re).” 

He continues, “I’d been chipping away at the arrangement in between gigs and when Fabian breathed new life into it, it felt like catharsis – today the lyrics feel more relevant than ever.”

‘Blinding Light’

In 2013 Fox released ‘Blinding Light’ on Tough Love Records and from there, went on to tour as guitarist for Dan Croll. It is fantastic to see him back, releasing his own music and making waves this 2021.

We are sure that ‘Time Alone’ will please existing Jethro Fox fans while simultaneously winning him an army of new ones too. We very much look forward to what he will do next!

Until then, ‘Time Alone’ is available from the link below. Enjoy!

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