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FVmusicBlog Jewelia – ‘Flowers’

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London based artist Jewelia has released her excellent indie-pop anthem ‘Flowers’ in May 2020.

From an atmospheric opening, the song grows naturally before the listener. Jewelia’s vocals enter, and the piece feels complete. Her tone is filled with luscious colour. She masterfully guides the song along. We love the driving beat, which adds a unique texture to the piece. We found the chorus to be thoroughly addictive too.

Jewelia has set herself a challenge; in 2020 she is writing and releasing a song on the 20th of each month, as part of a self-challenge she calls Project2020. ‘Flowers’ is one of the songs written as part of the challenge, and it also has a music video which was filmed and edited during the lockdown. Flowers is the second single of Project2020. It was produced by Jewelia and her partner Andy, in their home studio.

Jewelia says, “Project2020 was born out of a need to reconnect with music in a world where time is more and more scarce. It was both a challenge and a New Years resolution, with the intention of pushing my creativity and forcing myself to find time to create music and share it with the world. I am also known to labour over songs for a very long time, so this gave me short, tangible deadlines to work towards.”

FVmusicBlog Jewelia – ‘Flowers’

When asked about ‘Flowers’, Jewelia says, “It was written right after Brexit and at the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak. As someone who has moved to a new country to pursue a music dream in London, the concept of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’ had become very fluid to me. In the context of all that has been going on in the world recently, I felt like this sense of belonging was being questioned. Anyone who ever lived in more than one country, or was born with parents from different cultural heritages, or simply moved away from family, will understand what I mean when I say that I feel like I have two homes, and none at all, and this is what ‘Flowers’ is about.”

So make sure you check out this exciting artist today. We are new fans of Jewelia, and we can not wait to hear what she will do next! Listen to ‘Flowers’ from the link below. 

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FVmusicBlog Jewelia – ‘Flowers’

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