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Jewelia – ‘Millennial’

Hailing from London, Jewelia is an indie-pop artist who is making waves with her latest single, ‘Millennial’.

From the opening bar, the laid back vibe of the single is apparent. Firstly, the groove entices the listener and captivates their attention effortlessly. Jewelia’s emotive and affecting vocal performance is evident from the get-go. Her voice fills the sonic spectrum with heart and soul and fully engages with its audience. 

Further, the backing instrumentation creates a solid foundation for the vocals to spring from. There is an unusual shift in the chorus with the addition of a synthesized beat which adds luscious texture to the piece. With this unique arrangement, Jewelia keeps her listener on their toes and holds their attention. 

In addition, the chorus is memorable and drives the single forward. Moreover, we love the intoxicating melodies which stay with the listener long after the music has ended. 

Furthermore, we enjoyed the mix, master and production of the piece. Every part of the layered instrumentation has its own space in the mix. Nothing feels crowded, and everything has room to breathe. 


Jewelia says about the release, “It’s a song about the difficulty of coping with adulting, feeling lost and small in a big city and learning that life is different to what we expected.” 

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Jewelia’s lyrics are relatable, and we believe that this is a big part of her charm. She connects with her audience and lets us feel less alone together. Previously, we reviewed Jewelia last release ‘Flowers’, read it here. We are sure ‘Millennial’ will please existing Jewelia fans while winning her and army of new ones too!

We are so pleased to be following this artist on her musical journey. In short, ‘Millennial’ is a must-hear release this summer, check it out from the link below.  

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