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f6b62ae71054b66cd3e9af6200be0624-J%27Moris+Til+It%27s+Gone.jpgSummer is most certainly here and we have found the perfect soundtrack for it. ‘Til It’s Gone’ is the sublime new release from Texas-based artist, J’Moris. It has a driving vibe and an addictive beat which will have you reaching for the repeat button – we know we were.

From a chaotic beginning, ‘Til It’s Gone’ soon evolves into a well defined and expressive track. There is a sweet beat with a syncopated kick, electrifying guitars and luscious synths to be heard. They all come together to create a solid foundation for the main star, the vocals. 

J’Moris’s rapping style is effortless and skilful. He engages the listener with his laid back tone and relatable subject matter. The main vocals easily flow from J’Moris and they demonstrate the power and capability he possesses. There is also an impressive array of layered backing vocals which add depth and texture to the track. Some have been affected with effects and these add yet another dimension to be enjoyed. We also adored the instrumental at the end of the song which falls away to just the click of a typewriter. Simple but very effective. We can hear ‘Til It’s Gone’ being played in clubs and filling the floor. It has a charm in its laid back delivery which is destined to resonate with a lot of people. 

J’Moris has also recently launched his own Black Diamond Music Group brand, complete with an apparel/merchandise line. There are men and women’s styles available and you can check it out here: https://www.bdmgclothing.com.

So If you want some classic Trap/Rap/Hip Hop in your life this weekend, make sure you check out this talented artist. You will not be disappointed!

FVMusicBlog July 2019

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1Qtg1PWyHudCSxyAmm3nJ9

Twitter: @J_Moris

Facebook: @JMorisATC

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jmoris/


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