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Joe Valentine

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Joe Valentine – ‘Bad’

Released officially today 10th November 2020, ‘Bad’ is the latest single by Los Angeles-based artist, Joe Valentine.

From a mysterious opening, the beat drops. At first, it is disorientating, bouncing from one side of the sonic spectrum to the other. Joe Valentine’s rich and inviting vocals drop, and the beat settles. 

The bass line is funky and leads the single along. Valentine’s vocal performance is engaging and connects the listener with the song. In addition, the chorus is intoxicating and will have the audience reaching for the repeat button. 

The instrumental breaks add a new colour to the piece. The layered vocals bring their own colour to the piece too, weaving in and out of the track. ‘Bad’ is a song which needs to be heard!

Joe Valentine says about this excellent release, “I wrote ‘bad’ in the dark. It’s the sexy dark pop banger I’ve bottled up since I hit puberty as an awkward ginger kid in the suburbs. It’s raw and in your face, a surrender of innocence.” This comes through on the track and is a big part of its appeal. 


We have been big fans of Joe Valentine since the release of his single ‘Cairo’. We are thrilled to hear that ‘Bad’ continues in the same innovative and driving vein. 

We adore the music that Joe Valentine is making, it is unlike anything else which is around at the moment, and this is what sets Valentine apart from the crowd. 

So what will come next from Joe Valentine? We have no idea, but one thing is for sure, it will never be boring! Make sure you add ‘Bad’ to your weekday playlist, we feel there is a lot more to come from this exhilarating artist! 

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