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Jon McLeod

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Jon McLeod – ‘The Valuable Single’

Released officially on the 8th January 2021, Brighton-based musician Jon McLeod has released the magnificent song ‘The Valuable Single’. It is a folk-pop release that needs to be heard!

A wonderful guitar opens the release and instantly attracts the listener’s attention. McLeod’s characterful vocals breakthrough and the two duet gracefully. There is a calm to his voice which is reassuring and deeply affecting too.

We adore the composition and arrangement of ‘The Valuable Single’. The stripped-back instrumentation lets the song shine in the light in which it was written. The intelligent arrangement allows the chorus to stay with the listener after the music has ended too. 

The melodies in ‘The Valuable Single’ are deeply affecting but subtle. They enter the listener’s subconscious and stay there long after the music has ended. 

The Focussed Distraction

McLeod is a seasoned professional who has been releasing music for different projects for the past ten years. He has released music under the pseudonym: The Focussed Distraction, and we will be checking out his back catalogue too. 

‘The Valuable Single’ feels authentic and genuinely Jon McLeod. There is an honesty in the lyrics that shine through, and it is a thoroughly relatable single. 

We are so excited to see that Jon McLeod has an album planned for later in 2021. After hearing ‘The Valuable Single’, we can not wait for the full album to drop. 

McLeod says about the forthcoming album, “These will be a collection of home-recorded songs, written during lockdown periods, based around observations and emotional responses to the current occurrences in the outside world… when isolation played heavy on the thoughts.”

Keep an eye on Jon McLeod’s socials for further information. We know we will!

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