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Josef Pitura-Riley
Josef Pitura-Riley

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Josef Pitura-Riley – ‘You’re Not Alone’

Hailing from London, musician Josef Pitura-Riley has released his magnificent EP, ‘You’re Not Alone’ in 2020. It is an indie-pop release that needs to be heard!

‘100 Songs About You’ opens the release, it is upbeat and engaging. The joyous horns shine through. Josef Pitura-Riley’s charismatic vocals are evident from the get-go. It is catchy and inviting, and fills the listener with a feel-good vibe. 

We enjoyed ‘Life Isn’t Fair’, the main melody is catchy and memorable. The unexpected chordal progression is engaging which keeps the listener on their toes. ‘Things Aren’t Going My Way’ has a gentler feel. It graces the sonic spectrum with grace and charm. ‘You’re Not Alone’ is an intoxicating song that leaves the listener wanting more. 

Josef Pitura-Riley is a multi-instrumentalist whose quirky, and upbeat music needs to be heard. ‘You’re Not Alone’ has a message of optimism and hope stitched into the fabric of its being. 

Previous Releases

Previous releases have included ‘A New View’ (2014), and ‘Regeneration’ (2016). These were followed by a full musical score of ‘Between Us: A New Musical’ which was released in 2018. ‘You’re Not Alone’ is the latest EP and we can not wait to check out Josef Pitura-Riley’s back catalogue! 

The artist says about the release, “Everyone deserves their own version of happiness; all fears are conquerable and, as the title of (the) latest EP reminds us — no one is alone.” The is a message we all need to hear at the moment! 

Recorded in lockdown in July 2020, ‘You’re Not Alone’ is a stunning and beautiful collection of songs. We thoroughly recommend checking out this superb EP. We very much look forward to hearing what Josef Pitura-Riley will do next!

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