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Joseph Ferman

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Joseph Ferman – ‘La Vida’

California-based artist Joseph Ferman has released his superb third single ‘La Vida’, this winter 2020. It is a magnificent release that needs to be heard!

An upbeat vibe greets the listener. It instantly draws the audience in and captures their attention effortlessly. We adore the melodic horns which fill the sonic spectrum. 

The vocals are warm and rich with a gorgeous tone that is intoxicating. Joseph Ferman is a brilliant vocalist who connects with his audience and unites us all together. 

The main melody is intoxicating and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. In addition, the stoic percussion creates a solid foundation from which all of the other instrumentation can grow from. A truly magical song!

In addition, we adore the mix, production and master of the single. There is a gorgeous, harmonious balance which has been achieved between the layered and varied instrumentation. Joseph Ferman is a master of his craft.

Ferman says “(‘La Vida’) is a testimony to living life to its fullest and the unquestioning belief that God will guide us during these troubled times.” A message we could all do with hearing at the moment!


There is no doubt that Joseph Ferman is a talented artist. He is multi-lingual and sings in Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese. He recorded ‘La Vida’ in California and has produced a single which will stand the test of time. 

So make sure you add ‘La Vida’ to your weekend playlist! Joseph Ferman is an artist who is making waves with this latest release, and we very much look forward to hearing what he will do next. 

Until then, ‘La Vida’ is available from the link below! Enjoy!

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