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Josh Patrice

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Josh Patrice – ‘Clever Titles’

‘Clever Titles’ is the debut solo album by musician Josh Patrice. Hailing from Seattle, this superb artist will have you reaching for the repeat button with this stunning release. 

‘Amper and Sand’ opens the album. It features an attention-demanding opening with stripped back instrumentation at the beginning, which evolves before the listener. 

‘Yesterday in Dreams’ is a brilliant song that is melodic and driving from the get-go. The textured and layered instrumentation is intoxicating and filled with heart.

In addition, ‘They Call Me Thunder’ is a standout song. The charismatic vocals tell a story accompanied by melodic guitars and a stoic rhythm section. Finally, ‘Sweet Pea’ closes the release and leaves the audience wanting more!

Patrice says about his music, “I’ve always been known to have nervous energy to my songs. I tried to get away from that with some of the slower ballads, but wound-up filling most of the first side of the album with nervous energy. I guess you are who you are.”

It is this honesty and integrity which shines through on ‘Clever Titles’. It is a deeply relatable album that reaches out and touches the hearts of its listeners. 


Patrice cites his influences as coming from artist such as Pavement, Wilco, Mission of Burma, David Berman/Silver Jews, and Neil Young. Make no mistake, Patrice is making music all of his own!

So make sure you add ‘Clever Titles’ to your playlist this week. Josh Patrice is an exciting artist who is making waves in 2021, and we very much look forward to what he will do next. Another solo album, please!

Until then, ‘Clever Titles’ is available from the link below; you will not be disappointed!

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