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Juliette Reilly - 'Hard Things' Listen now!
Juliette Reilly – ‘Hard Things’

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‘Hard Things’ is the incredible latest single by musician, Juliette Reilly. It is a power-pop anthem that is destined to win the heart of its listeners. 

From a fade-in, atmospheric opening, Reilly’s emotion-filled vocals enter. The beat has an addictive feel, and the layered vocals add texture and colour to the piece. We adore the chorus that is catchy and infectious. There is a strong, empowering feel in the lyrics which we love. Reilly is using her significant platform to promote an excellent positive message and help people across the globe.

Reilly says, “My mission as an artist is to empower my audience to be their own heroes,” She continues, “The song centres around the phrase, ‘you can do all of the hard things, ’cause you’ve got a lot of heart.’ That central, universal message is amplified in the music video, in which fans hold up signs saying ‘I Can…’ and then filling in the blank with the most difficult thing they’ve ever had to do.”

Reilly has written a number of powerful anti-bullying cause songs posted on her channel over the years. Reilly has also worked with Relatable Music, who also produced ‘Hard Things’. Together they have created an impressive piece of art that is destined to stand the test of time.

Juliette Reilly is a credible and exciting talent. Her recent two singles, ‘Chameleon’, and ‘Once & For All’ both were featured on 40+ editorial Spotify playlists and have received over 700,000 streams to date. We can not wait to see what she will do in the rest of the 2020s.  

‘Hard Things’ has been released on Friday 7th February 2020, make sure you add it to your weekend playlist! 

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