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K.LINA – ‘Just One Pic’

K.LINA is due to release her majestic latest single, ‘Just One Pic’ today! A dreamy piano accompanies lyrics filled with honesty on this catchy and memorable song.

Hauntingly beautiful and atmospheric, ‘Just One Pic’ is simply a gorgeous song. From a delicate piano opening, the bass and melody hands work harmoniously together. We loved the vocals; they are filled with raw emotion and heart. Very little process is apparent on the vocals, a gentle reverb and compression add a little shine on an already glittering star. 

There is a folk feel in the fabric of this single. The stripped-back instrumentation lets ‘Just One Pic’ shine in the form in which it was written. There are no bells and whistles, just honest songwriting. K.LINA is an excellent storyteller who effortlessly conveys deep emotion to the listener. 

‘Just One Pic’ is the leading single of K.LINA’s eagerly anticipated debut EP ’00:00 Sanity’. It is due for release in March 2020 and it has been mastered at Metropolis Studios. K.LINA says, of ‘Just One Pic’, “The song conveys the purity of love and the tragedy of loneliness, illustrated in the music video coming on 12th February.” We can not wait for that one to drop!

Growing up in Sofia, Bulgaria, K.LINA moved to the UK in 2017 and formed her band of young British and Italian musicians. She has already headlined some legendary London venues such as The Half Moon, Putney.

Released officially on 7th February 2020, ‘Just One Pic’ is supported by the following shows; 28th February at the Fiddler’s Elbow Camden, and 13th March at PinUps, London. If you can make it down, make sure you do! They are sure to be excellent gigs!

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