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Kaylyn Marie

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Kaylyn Marie – ‘At Work’

Hailing from New York, musician Kaylyn Marie has released the brilliant folk-rock single ‘At Work’, in January 2021. It is a wonderful introduction to a formidable artist. 

An atmospheric piano opens the release. It is instantly enticing and draws the listener in. Kaylyn Marie’s stunning vocals are captivating and inject heart and soul into the piece.

We adore the gorgeous chordal progressions which are unpredictable, keeping the listener on their toes and fully engaged. In addition, the melodies are catchy and memorable, staying with the audience long after the music has ended.

‘At Work’ is a song with stripped back instrumentation that lets the single shine in the light in which it was written. It is an intimate track which needs to be heard to be fully appreciated.

Marie says about the release, “This is one of five songs depicting a story of a person leaving an abusive relationship. Too often, people in abusive relationships are asked things like, ‘Why don’t you just leave?!’ – ‘How do you take this behaviour!’

She continues, “It is often unacknowledged that there is likely a deep care between two people who are unhealthy together. This song is the confession that though there is love, it is not to be built upon, it is not ‘at work’”.

More To Come

One thing is for sure; there is much more to come from Kaylyn Marie in the 2020s. She is an artist with a big future ahead of her, and we eagerly anticipate what will come next!

‘At Work’ is a song which needs to be added to your playlist this week. Kaylyn Marie is an exciting artist who is just getting started!

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