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Keegan del Rio - 'Counterpart' EP
Keegan del Rio – ‘Counterpart’ EP – FV Music Blog

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Hailing from the rolling hills and Appalachia of Piedmont, Virginia, Keegan del Rio is a superb artist. His latest EP ‘Counterpart’ is a magnificent garage rock release that must be heard!


The title track ‘Counterpart’ has a melodic and driving opening with warm tones and an infectious groove. We love the vocals, they’re filled with character and charm. The chorus is memorable, and the track will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

‘Limitations’ features an unnerving opening until an electric guitar breaks through. Also, a rock sound soon joins this, and the listener feels safe in Keegan del Rio’s hands. Keegan del Rio is a brilliant composer and arranger who is producing excellent music in 2020.

Recording Process

‘Counterpart’s recording process was anything but conventional. The title song is comprised of recycled tracks recorded years ago in various garages, and basements, sped up and slowed down countless times. Del Rio had the opportunity to use the small but proper studio of the school he teaches at – but only between the hours of 10 pm – 5 am when he is not teaching nine-year-olds how to be in a rock band. 

Keegan del Rio - 'Counterpart' EP
Keegan del Rio – ‘Counterpart’ EP – FV Music Blog

Keegan del Rio says about the release, “It was recorded with old dusty analogue gear, sped up and pitched down countless times with Varispeed. The result being a bizarre mix up of both the stylings of the psych-rockers of the 70s, as well as the modern conventions of current indie rock acts.” He continues, “With psych rock-inspired production, bizarre looping guitar feedback, and a crooning vocal take; it’s meant to be an ethereal type of love song.”

‘Counterpart’ was performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Keegan del Rio. Aaron Sorge and Connor Kessler helped to engineer the drums. Also, Adrian Velazquez gave recording help and general feedback on the mixes. Together the team have done an excellent job in creating an EP that will stand the test of time. 

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