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LA-based musician Keesh is back with his brilliant latest single, ‘Again’. It is an enthralling listen with an addictive melody that will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

Synth and bass open the single before the beat drops, this is followed by Keesh’s emotive and charming vocals. There is a gorgeous vibe, engaging and subtle. An integral guitar lick appears to add its unique colour and texture to the single. We loved the break towards the end where the vocals drop in tone and everything slows. It is an unusual twist to the piece, and it shows how Keesh is continually evolving the single to keep the listener on their toes!

There is also a fantastic video which accompanies the release. It sees Keesh creating his own band, playing all of the instrumentation. It is fun and follows a compelling narrative. The perfect accompaniment to this funky yet laid back single. 

Keesh says, “The future is bringing in new modes of connecting with someone or something. This video nods to the evolution of companionship in our society while telling a story of the internal conflict associated with desire.”

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Keesh is a talented artist. He says he is still developing his sound as he is quite new to producing and mixing. Keesh says he takes his inspiration from artists such as Toro y Moi and Tame Impala and with artists like that, he can’t go far wrong! We loved the mix, master and production of the single, everything has its own space in the mix, and all of the instrumentation shines in its own light. 

So make sure you check out ‘Again’ today. We are excited to have come across Keesh and can not wait to hear what he will do in the future. 

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