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Keren Ilan
Keren Ilan

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Keren Ilan – ‘So Many Times’

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Keren Ilan is an indie-pop artist whose latest single ‘So Many Times’ is a classic in the making.  

The single opens to a gorgeously strummed electric guitar which accompanies Keren Ilan’s stunning vocals. They are filled with charm, and they grace the piece effortlessly. The laid back band sound kicks in, and the luscious song is in full flow.

We adore the melodic chorus, which is memorable and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. In addition, the horns are simply delicious. Ilan effortlessly guides the piece along, and she is a thoroughly intoxicating artist. We love the relatability of the single. Ilan connects with her audience and lets us feel less alone together. 

Also, Ilan has an EP due for release in summer 2020; it is entitled ‘Emotional Decisions’ and judging on the strength of ‘So Many Times’, we can not wait to check it out! 

Ilan says about the release, “The new tracks from my upcoming EP already felt introspective when I was writing them, but now they seem to have taken on a whole new meaning.”


Keren Ilan has had an interesting journey to this point. She was born in Vietnam and adopted when she was just one week old by the couple who she considers her biological parents. She says that these circumstances have had an undeniable impact on her and, by consequence, her art.

We thoroughly recommend checking out ‘So Many Times’ from the link below. Keren Ilan is an exciting and driving artist who is just getting started. We very much look forward to following her career in the future, and we feel she is destined for big things. 

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