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Kim Yang – ‘Garden of Eden’

Musician Kim Yang has released her superb latest single ‘Garden of Eden’. Written following the bushfires that decimated Australia, ‘Garden of Eden’ is about the invisible damage caused by the devastation and loss.

A gorgeously picked acoustic guitar opens the release before Yang’s graceful and reverb laced vocals appear. A rich cello enters adding extra depth and texture to the piece. We love the delicious melodies, rising and falling and filling the sonic landscape. The addition of the piano and layered vocals add depth and further character to the piece too. 

Yang’s vocals are filled with character and charm. They effortlessly guide the piece along and add their unique grace to the single. Her writing style reminds us of Tracy Chapman. However, Yang is making music all of her own in her unique formidable style.

Yang says, “I’m so proud of what I have achieved in this song. It’s different from my debut EP (Ocean of Mind), where I performed and recorded live organically in one go then added other instruments later. This time I got excellent musicians to work and collaborate with me.” She continues, “This song is recorded and produced by Canberra’s award-winning musician, producer and sound engineer, Guy Lilleyman, who also features on piano for this song. I was also luckily able to get my good friend Tabitha Hart to play the cello, which added the depth I was looking for.” 

Yang’s music is music for the people. ‘Garden of Eden’ is a song which discusses the themes of anxiety and trauma – both emotions we can relate to at the moment amongst the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

So make sure you check out ‘Garden of Eden’ today, you will not be disappointed!

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