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Kipani – ‘Take a Minute’

‘Take a Minute’ is the first EP release from Binghamton-based musician Kipani. This indie-pop release is a classic in the making and it needs to be heard!

‘Country Town’ opens the release with an upbeat and joyous feel. Firstly, Kipani’s vocals are soulful, and her lyrics are relatable, connecting with the listener effortlessly. The title track, ‘Take a Minute’, opens to a piano and Kipani’s emotion filled vocals. In addition, a bass guitar enters, and the single evolves before the listener. We adore the chorus that has layered instrumental and interesting chordal progressions. A reggae feel emerges, and the mix of genres entices the listener. 

In addition, we enjoyed ‘Upstream’ and ‘Personality’ both songs feature strong hooks and stay with the listener long after the music has ended. Kipani says about the EP, “(The) project exposes vulnerability, personal struggles, and insecurity, all meticulously masked with an upbeat pop edge.”

Binghamton, New York

Kipani (AKA Tiffany Jhingoor) is a songwriter currently living in Binghamton, New York. Growing up in the small town of Great Bend, Pennsylvania, she initially took piano lessons and hated it! 

After years of coerced lessons, she decided to take a hiatus from her classical background. Although she continued to pursue her passion for music through other various avenues, nothing ever seemed to fit. It wasn’t until later that her rekindled relationship with her former ivory nemesis would effortlessly combine with her love of Indie Pop, thus igniting the spark that had previously been missing. It was then that Kipani was born.

We thoroughly recommend adding ‘Take a Minute’ to your weekend playlist. To sum up, we are thrilled to have discovered Kipani’s music, and we very much look forward to hearing what she will do next. Check out ‘Take a Minute’ from the link below. 

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