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KTEE – ‘Louder’

One of our favorite artists is back! KTEE is releasing her latest single ‘Louder’ on 25th October 2019. It is a pop song with an innovative arrangement and an infectious chorus.

A duo between an electric guitar and KTEE’s sweet vocals opens the single. Honest and relatable lyrics hit the listener from the get-go while the backing instrumentation is staccato in nature. The chorus is ear-catching and addictive. Synths join the musical line up, and everything works in harmony to create a textured and characterful piece.

By the second verse, the instrumentation has grown, and the song is in full flow. Claps aid the percussion elements, and KTEE’s vocal performance shines at the forefront of the mix. The middle 8 hears a change in direction before a stripped back final verse precedes the final chorus.

We adored the stripped-back instrumentation to the song as there is nowhere to hide. The lyrics have depth and meaning to them while KTEE’s vocals are on show, showcasing her formidable talents.

‘Louder’ is primarily about the dangers and negative aspects of social media. KTEE says, “Of course social media is a great invention, it connects people all over the world and it’s a great promotion tool and an easy way to get in touch with people. However, everybody knows those awful days when nothing works out, and you feel like the biggest loser. Then you open your social media apps, and you feel even worse.”

Written in KTEE’s unmistakable style, ‘Louder’ is a song with a message. The honesty and integrity in her writing are refreshing and relatable. Make sure you add ‘Louder’ to your weekend playlist; you will not be disappointed.

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