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KTEE - 'Your Place' - FV Music Blog
KTEE – ‘Your Place’ – FV Music Blog

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KTEE – ‘Your Place’

Hailing from Vienna, musician KTEE has released her superb latest single ‘Your Place’ today, 5th June 2020. 

A big production greets the listener. ‘Your Place’ is filled with luscious reverb and a dynamic vibe. The scene is ready for KTEE’s stunning vocals to enter. KTEE’s vocal performance fills the single with warmth and drive. Her tone is exquisite, and the vocals are the shining star of the piece. 

We loved the electric guitar has a staccato rhythm that gives texture within the single. It is palm-muted in places, complimenting the stunning vocals. We love the chorus; it is catchy and memorable. ‘Your Place’ is a single which will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

KTEE speaks about the release

KTEE says about the release, “Summer is connected with feelings of excitement and restlessness. It’s the time for summer flirts and living the moment. It’s the perfect time to do things that you might regret afterwards and to enjoy unforgettable summer nights. Winter is coming sooner than we might want it to and then we can decide whether our summer deeds have been a total disaster. ‘Your place’ encourages you to live the moment and not to think about tomorrow. If you feel like it – go for it!”

KTEE - 'Your Place' - FV Music Blog
KTEE – ‘Your Place’ – FV Music Blog

When asked how the single was recorded KTEE says, “It was produced during quarantine in our cellar.” She continues, “It was recorded in Vienna/Austria, and the producer is also my boyfriend, Bern Wagner.” The duo have done a magnificent job in creating an anthem for the summer. 

So make sure you add this exciting release to your weekend playlist. We have been fans of KTEE since hearing her single ‘Rich’ in 2019. The quality continues! 

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