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Kylo – ‘Exit’

‘Exit’ is the stunning and exhilarating latest release from Toronto based artist, Kylo. Her unique brand of synth-pop is simply brilliant. ‘Exit’ is a perfect example of her incredible work and we are sure this release will gain her numerous new fans.

The EP opens to the song ‘Lies’. There is a disorienting beginning from which Kylo’s vocals spring from. An intoxicating beat fills the sonic landscape and it is a wonderful introduction to Kylo’s music. We loved ‘Solace’ for its upbeat feel and staccato vocals. The title track ‘Exit’, has a sampled opening and at 1min 6 seconds in length, feels like an interlude. ‘Circles’ has a syncopated beat and

luscious vocals shining at the forefront of the mix. Finally, ‘Tell You’ is a very textured piece and it’s the perfect ending to leave the listener wanting more.

Kylo’s Vocals are the shining star of the EP. They are filled with tone and texture. Sometimes whispered and always inviting, they instantly demand the listener’s attention and hold it perfectly. The production on the EP is also excellent. Each of the instrumentation has its own space in the mix. There is often a lot of layers of activity happening and yet nothing feels crowded or unsure. It all comes together to work as one cohesive piece of art.

Kylo says, “‘Exit’ explores the dynamics of just that; endings. Whether it be the ending of a relationship, a certain path in life, or even death itself…it speaks to the changes one goes through when things end and you are forced to go through certain feelings, emotions, and everything that goes along with that.” This is a subject we have all been through and will all go through multiple times in life. Kylo’s music is relatable and we feel, many people will find solace within it.

Previous singles from Kylo in 2019 include ‘Your Eyes’, and ‘Sometimes. We can’t wait to check out her back catalog and we are eagerly waiting to see what will come next from such a talented artist.

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