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La Palma
La Palma

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La Palma – ‘Infinite Bounce’

US-based band La Palma have released their magnificent latest single ‘Infinite Bounce’, in August 2020. It is dream-pop at its finest!

A textured opening greets the listener before the beat drops, and the addictive guitar melody breaks through. The airy vocals are attention-grabbing, and we adore the layered instrumentation. 

We love the upbeat nature of the track. The infectious melodies stay with the listener long after the music has ended. There is a shift in tempo halfway through the song, which is unexpected and intriguing. These twists and turns keep the single feeling fresh. 

A soulful breakdown also occurs, letting the vocals shine. The song evolves before the listener, and La Palma takes their audience on a journey during ‘Infinite Bounce’. It is a wonderfully composed and arranged song which needs to be heard.


The band say about the release, “It is a song about searching for resilience in this time of global pandemic and movements for collective liberation.” They continue, “The song was written in quarantine by passing sound files back and forth across 3000 miles between band members Tim Gibbon (in Philadelphia) and Chris Walker (in San Francisco).”

This formidable duo’s recording process is certainly a technique that works superbly well for them, and ‘Infinite Bounce’ is testament to that. Having formed in 2019, La Palma is a band who are going from strength to strength this summer 2020. 

‘Infinite Bounce’ is deeply relatable for many people, and we believe this is a big part of the band’s charm. They resonate with their audience and let us feel less alone together. A union we all need now more than ever!

We can not recommend ‘Infinite Bounce’ highly enough, check it out from the link below. 

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