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La Palma

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La Palma – ‘Sábado’

Released officially on 1st November 2020, ‘Sábado’ is the stunning single from La Palma. It is an indie-folk release that will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

Gorgeous guitars open the release and lay the foundations for the charming and characterful vocals to breakthrough. We adore the opening melody, which is instantly inviting and draws the audience in. 

The chorus is memorable and stays with the listener once the music has ended. We love the layered backing instrumentation which creates unique colour within the track. 

The instrumental is filled with a fresh texture and adds a new twist to the piece. The audience is never sure which direction ‘Sábado’ is going to take, and this is a big part of its appeal. The listener is kept on their toes, and the track evolves before them.

La Palma says about the release, “Thematically, the song inhabits the liminal space between awake and asleep, the moment of surrender at the day’s end where reality and dream collide.” They continue, “It is a state much like the surreal restlessness of living through 2020s pandemic, social unrest, wildfires, and electoral anxiety: Is this real life or a bizarre series of dreams?” Deeply relatable ‘Sábado’ is a song which documents current times with a great low-fi sensibility. 

Band Members

La Palma is comprised of band members, Chris Walker, and Tim Gibbon. They composed ‘Sábado’ together over a social distance of nearly 3000 miles. Walker is based in San Francisco and Gibbon in Washington DC. They are clearly excellent musicians, and ‘Sábado’ is a prime example of their talents. 

We are new fans of La Palma, and we are sure they will gain many more with this release. We thoroughly recommend adding ‘Sábado’ to your weekday playlist. 

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