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Laeti – ‘You Are Beautiful’

‘You Are Beautiful’ is the superb latest release by musician Laeti. It is a catchy club classic with a positive message that is destined to be your go-to single this week. 

Instantly, a dance feel encapsulates the listener. Big, bright synths fill the audio landscape and captivate the listeners’ attention. There are claps used in the percussive background. They unite all of the instrumentation, creating a solid foundation for the rest of the track to grow from. 

There is a staccato beat happening here too which offers texture to the piece. Layers of vocals give warm emphasis to the colour being injected into the song also. All of these elements work seamlessly together to create a solid foundation for the main star: Laeti’s vocals to shine. 

We adored Laeti’s vocal performance. Filled with emotion and character, the listener feels safe in her tones. Her voice has a beautiful depth to it, and the lyrics offer a positive message. 

We loved the catchy chorus and the repetition in the chorus line, “You Are Beautiful” is a great message to be putting into the world. Instead of being criticised, a positive message is in much need at the moment. Laeti is using her significant platform to do just that. 

Released on Delma Jag Records, ‘You Are Beautiful’ is simply a stunning release. It is the first time we have heard of Laeti, but we are sure it will not be the last! She is an exciting talent who has a big future ahead of her. So make sure you check out this brilliant release today!

Also, ‘You Are Beautiful’ has been written by Emanuele Cammarata and Laeti, produced by Samuel Aureliano Trotta and graphic cover by Francesca Mantero. Well done all!

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