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Tel Aviv based musician Lara Snow is set to release her beautiful single, ‘Wild Sea’ today, 27th March 2020!

Layered and textured vocals open the single. The addition of the kick drum feels like the heartbeat of the track and Snow’s emotion-filled vocals come shining in at the forefront of the mix. The chorus has an addictive melody, and the varied percussion offers new colours within the piece. 

Taken from the EP, ‘Delete Forever’, ‘Wild Sea’ has deeply honest and personal lyrics. We think this is what will resonate with many listeners. Snow’s latest release is accessible and filled with luscious melodies and an addictive hook in the chorus. The song ends as it began with Snow’s layered and soulful vocals, exiting leaving the listener wanting more. 

Snow says, “All my songs are very personal, but with ‘Wild Sea’ I truly feel like my heart is out there for everyone to hold. It is the story of a poisoned relationship and a great heartbreak. She continues, “‘Wild Sea’ was the first song I wrote for this EP, and it kinda sets the tone for what this EP was going to be. I remember when I finished writing it, that was the first time I knew what I wanted my music to be like.” 

‘Wild Sea’ is the follow-up release to her 2019 debut single’ Swim Far’ which was followed by ‘Butter Knife’. In less than six months and with only two singles released, Snow raked over 130K streams on Spotify and over 150K plays on YouTube. 

So make sure you check out ‘Wild Sea’ and Snow’s previous releases. She is an artist with great promise, and we can not wait to see what she will do next. 

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