Laura Mustard – ‘Nobody’s Road’ Out Now

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Laura Mustard - 'Nobody's Road'
Laura Mustard – ‘Nobody’s Road’

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Laura Mustard – ‘Nobody’s Road’

Independent artist Laura Mustard is releasing her superb folk-pop single ‘Nobody’s Road’ in June 2020. It is a brilliant song that needs to be heard!

Firstly, a full band greets the listener. Laura Mustard’s stunning vocals enter, and they take centre stage. Filled with a rich warmth and emotion, they instantly demand the listener’s attention. In addition, we loved the poetical storytelling that evolves from the lyrics. Laura Mustard sets poetry to music in the most enticing way. 

Furthermore, the chorus is filled with luscious melodies that are thoroughly addictive. We adored the layered vocals which add weight to the piece. Also, the middle eight takes the listeners on an unexpected turn that keeps the single feeling fresh and exciting. 

Laura Mustard - 'Nobody's Road'
Laura Mustard – ‘Nobody’s Road’

Artist Comments

‘Nobody’s Road’ has been taken from the album, ‘Treehouse’. Based on the strength of the single, we can not wait to hear the full album. Laura says, “In addition to music, I am a champion of self-love/kindness and a person living with medical issues, and I think my music and my story have an uplifting message that many could benefit from.”

Laura grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut. She states that her influences come from the personal storytelling lyrics of Taylor Swift and the turn-of-phrases that John Mayer (another Connecticut-native) writes. She also says that in addition to her influences, Gavin DeGraw’s piano-pop was the gateway Laura needed to turn her classical piano background into writing and covering pop/rock songs.


Now hailing from Nashville, Laura Mustard is an exciting and evolving talent. In conclusion, ‘Nobody’s Road’ is a must-hear single this week, and we very much look forward to hearing what she will do next. Until then, check out ‘Nobody’s Road’ from the link below.

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