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Laura Valentine

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Laura Valentine – ‘Falling For You’

‘Falling For You’ is the superb latest single from London-based musician, Laura Valentine. This electronic-pop release firmly sets Valentine as an artist to watch this year.

An enticing beat opens the single and paves the way for Laura Valentine’s luscious vocals to breakthrough. We love the tone of her voice, which instantly demands the listener’s attention. 

The main melody is catchy and stays with the audience after the music has ended. Lyrically, ‘Falling For You’ is relatable, and this is a big part of Laura Valentine’s charm. She connects with her audience and allows us to feel less alone together. 

In addition, the backing instrumentation is layered with unusual chordal progressions. The listener is kept on their toes, not knowing which twists and turns will come next. 

Laura Valentine says about the release, “The inspiration for ‘Falling for You’ came to me while I was writing the final dissertation for my music degree. As a woman, I have always felt underrepresented, and when I came out as bisexual, this feeling of underrepresentation only grew bigger.” 

She continues, “But it wasn’t until I wrote the dissertation that I actually understood the extent of the lack LGBT representation (especially when it comes to women, trans and non-binary people) in the music industry.”


Hailing originally from Madrid, Laura Valentine is an artist who is on the up. She moved to London in 2017 to study a degree in Vocal Performance at the Academy of Contemporary Music. She is going from strength-to-strength, and we know that the 2020s are going to be a significant decade for her. 

So make sure you add ‘Falling For You’ to your weekend playlist. Also, make a note of the name Laura Valentine, it may be the first time you have heard it, but we are sure it will not be the last. She is an exceptional talent who is destined for BIG things. 

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