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Layla Kilolu
Layla Kilolu

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Layla Kilolu – ‘In Memory Of You’

Hailing from Honolulu, Layla Kilolu is an indie-pop artist. Her latest album ‘In Memory Of You’ is a wonderful release and one which we recommend checking out. 

Firstly, ‘Secret’ opens the release; it features layered instrumentation laying a foundation for Kilolu’s soulful vocal performance. Her voice has a rich tone which effortlessly captivates the listener. ‘Let Be You’ has a laid back vibe that entices the audience. We adore the lyrics which are relatable and connects Kilolu with her listeners. We adore ‘No Games’, Kilolu sings from the heart, and the layered vocal performance adds texture to the piece. 


Kilolu says about ‘In Memory Of You’, “In celebration of Memorial Day, I thought I would release a collection of songs written for my exes. These songs were written over the span of a decade. Each of the songs are about the internal conflicts that we find in relationships.” She continues, “For example, ‘Secret’ is about still being in love with someone from the past; ‘Complacent’ is about both people not being able to leave a relationship; ‘Let You Be’ is finally realizing that it’s time to break up. ‘No Games’ is a deceptively simple tune that talks about the games that both men and women play.”

In addition, Kilolu has performed extensively across the United States and internationally too. She has had gigs in Europe, Central America, South America, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. However, as an introvert, she says that she prefers to perform at home.

To sum up, Layla Kilolu is an exciting artist with a bright future ahead of her. Above all, ‘In Memory Of You’ is a gorgeous release that needs to be heard. We recommend adding it to your weekday playlist! 

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