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Leopold – ‘Summer’s Here To Stay’

NYC-based musician Leopold (AKA Charley R), released his superb latest single, ‘Summer’s Here To Stay’ in March 2020.

Dramatic keys open the single. There is a cinematic feeling, and we found it to be thoroughly enticing. Leopold’s warm and inviting vocals enter the piece, and the listener feels safe in his hands. There are exciting and unexpected chordal progressions that give the piece an unusual and interesting texture. 

Lyrically ‘Summer’s Here To Stay’ is relatable and engaging. Leopold is able to connect with the listener effortlessly, and we think that this is a big part of his appeal and charm. His vocal performance is filled with passion and emotion. Leopold’s impressive vocal range is on display to be enjoyed, and the talent that he has is exquisite. 

Leopold says, “This is a song about love falling apart and the bittersweet feelings of moving on. Trying to find the brightness in all of it, while you feel like you’re falling apart.” He continues, “Inspired by stylings of adult contemporary ballads of love and loss, (with a fresh approach inspired by themes relevant in alternative indie folk and pop genres), this song fits nicely as a piece in ballads of love and loss, permeated by some unique grit and sonics.”

We are so pleased to have discovered Leopold, and we can not wait to see what he will do next. His unique and inspiring style is refreshing and exhilarating. Leopold says, “If you’ve ever had a love seem to be fading away, the urgency of this one might inspire.” Make sure you check out ‘Summer’s Here To Stay’ from the link below. 

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