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Lexi Lemonade

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Lexi Lemonade – ‘How Could I’

‘How Could I’ is the stunning single by Bloomfield-based artist Lexi Lemonade. It is a synth-pop release with a massive heart. 

An atmospheric opening greets the listener. Lexi Lemonade’s breathy and emotional vocals enter. The instrumentation cuts away, and we are left to enjoy Lexi Lemonade’s scrumptious voice. The stripped-back instrumentation leaves space for the song to shine in which it was written. 

We adore the raw honesty in the lyrics which reach out and touch the listener. ‘How Could I’ is profoundly relatable and through this Lexi Lemonade connects with her audience. In addition, the main melody is memorable and stays with the listener long after the music has ended.  

Lexi Lemonade says about the release, “At times choosing what is best for oneself can be an unpleasant task, but is so necessary nonetheless. I wanted to shed light on this fact, and the importance of paying attention to the way we feel.” 

Upcoming EP

‘How Could I’ is the second single to be taken from Lexi Lemonade’s upcoming EP. Her first single ‘Drip’ has been featured numerous times on various platforms including Women of Substance Radio, Chill Pill Radio, Women in Music and many more. After hearing ‘How Could I’ we can not wait to check out the full EP.

We are big fans of Lexi Lemonade. She is a dynamic and driven artist who has a big future ahead of her. We know the 2020s are going to be a big decade for her and we very much look forward to hearing what she will do next. 

We can not recommend ‘How Could I’ highly enough. So make sure to add this superb single to your weekend playlist, you will not be disappointed!

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