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Life As Mary – ‘Biker Boy’

During the COVID19 pandemic, it is great to see musicians pushing on and releasing excellent music. Life As Mary is one of those artists. 2020 has already seen her release the superb single, ‘Sixth Street’ and her follow up single ‘Biker Boy’ continues in the same excellent quality. 

A driving band sound opens the release. Life As Mary’s personality filled vocals kick in and ‘Biker Boy’ reminds us of Blondie. The driving chorus is catchy and thematic, while the backing instrumentation feels unrelenting and pulsing. 

We love the guitar solo, it is skilful and packed with emotion. The rock sound keeps pacing forward too. The kick drum in the final verse feels like the heartbeat of the song. It is stoic and ruthless in its pounding and gives further life to an already empowering song. 

Life As Mary has a series of excellent single releases. She is accumulating quite a back catalogue, and we recommend checking it all out. When are we going to get a full album release, Mary? Soon we hope!

Life as Mary reminds us as artists such as Cat Power, The Pretenders, or Amy Mann. We can hear these heroines coming through in the music, but Life As Mary is still making a sound all of her own. Her style is forever evolving and offering something new to the listener, which is a big part of her appeal; no two singles ever sound the same. 

‘Biker Boy’ was released in March 2020 so is available to stream now. Make sure you add ‘Biker Boy’ to your weekday playlist. It is a song for the people and we are sure you are going to love it! 

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