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Scandic Tribe released their debut album ‘Light at the End’ on 6th March 2018. The duo originating from Scandinavia have teamed up with renowned producer Roy Z to deliver this divine album. There are 11 carefully crafted songs crossing genres and emotions to make a coherent and progressive piece of work.

We classed the album as Rock at first but the deeper we delved the more apparent it became there were many genres, styles and influences culminating to made a beautiful sound.

The opening ‘Intro’ track has beautifully played guitars, both electric and acoustic. The many different parts swim seamlessly between one another, leaving the listener never quite sure on which path they will be taken. There is also spoken word over the guitars which feels almost like a motivational speech. The tracks’ overall feel is of peace and excellent musicianship.

There are many influences we can hear coming through the music. The vocals on ‘Heaven’ are reminiscent of Axel Rose and the guitars in the aforementioned ‘Intro’ nod to Tenacious D. The instrumental track ‘Angel’ had a Jimi Hendrix vibe, from the way the guitars have been mixed to the way in which they has been played. The hammer on and pull offs creating a familiar sound with original flare. The many sweet harmonies remind us of the Beach Boys, comforting and skilful.

‘Light at the End’ should come with a warning, there are parts which are extremely catchy! ‘Revolution of Confusion’ has a riff which has been stuck in our heads and we will be off to learn it this evening!

It’s hard to pick but, the title track, ‘Light at the End’ is our favourite from this piece of work. From the key changes, to the harmonies and the positive message it all works beautifully together.

Upon the first listen before we researched than band we could not believe that Scandic Tribe are a duo, so much so we had to double check! We had assumed we were listening to a 6 piece band. This is all credit to their excellent musicianship, knowledge of each other and skill in execution. We can not wait to hear what comes next!

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