Imaginary Dreamers – ‘Sigh’

Imaginary Dreamers - 'Sigh' London based band Imaginary Dreamers, have released their divine latest single 'Sigh'. It is a rock song with exceptional musicianship and a catchy chorus that will have you reaching for the repeat button. A wall of sound opens the release. Big guitars, driving drums and aggressive bass fill the audio spectrum. … Continue reading Imaginary Dreamers – ‘Sigh’


’21 Sacraments’ is the new mix tape by My Planet Is Pluto. It is a collection of instrumental Trap tunes by 11 with tracks including: Jimmy Stone, Bobby Randolph, Sein Martin, Steve Garland, Rick Albert, George Rasten, Billy Locaine, Miriam Locaine, Will Gregory, Eric Walsh and Walter Sullivan.   Our favourite tracks are: The opening … Continue reading MY PLANET IS PLUTO – ’21 SACRAMENTS’

‘Light at the End’ – Scandic Tribe

Scandic Tribe released their debut album ‘Light at the End’ on 6th March 2018. The duo originating from Scandinavia have teamed up with renowned producer Roy Z to deliver this divine album. There are 11 carefully crafted songs crossing genres and emotions to make a coherent and progressive piece of work. We classed the album … Continue reading ‘Light at the End’ – Scandic Tribe