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‘Mission’ is the new 12 track album from the band Gonetcha. Hailing from Lyon, France this is the sequel to the 2017 album ‘Métro de Pensées’.

Having been released in March 2018 ‘Mission’ is a brilliant listen. It is Rock in style and unique in presentation. The opening instrumental theme song ‘Dawn Beat’ is a dark slowly building, constantly creating textures and the reoccurrence of a soon recognisable riff, feeling much like the dawn. It is a fantastic opening to what is to come.

There are some brilliantly titled tracks, ‘Lobster Game’ and ‘Spine Quirk’ are amongst out favourites. The aforementioned ‘Lobster Game’ is well equipped with a funky baseline and breaks, an almost disco feel to the drums and a vocal performance reminiscent of Frank Zappa in the ‘Hot Rats’ period.

Lyrically, the album is ambiguous and listeners are free to make their own interpretations which we like. Gonetcha let the listener decide where the songs are coming from and going to. Unlike the first album, it is all in English and was inspired by the mythological heroic journey.

There are heavy guitars on all of the tracks which helps to create an overall feel, the album sounds like a coherent project as a whole, musically sound and exciting to be experiencing.

Overall, ‘Mission’ is a well executed second album. It’s quirky with lots of different musical influences coming together to create Gonetcha’s unique sound. The vocal performance reminds us of Morrissey, fused with Zappa and a splash Bowie thrown in for good measure. One thing is for sure, it is unmistakably Gonetcha.




Review by FVreviews March 2018



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