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’21 Sacraments’ is the new mix tape by My Planet Is Pluto. It is a collection of instrumental Trap tunes by 11 with tracks including: Jimmy Stone, Bobby Randolph, Sein Martin, Steve Garland, Rick Albert, George Rasten, Billy Locaine, Miriam Locaine, Will Gregory, Eric Walsh and Walter Sullivan.


Our favourite tracks are: The opening track ‘Jimmy Stone’ it is a busy and disconcerting piece. The engaging and engulfing is full of staccato rhythms and winning beats. We really enjoyed ‘Bobby Randolph’ too. It starts with a slow opening following the fast paced first track. It is atmospheric and nurturing in the beginning, quickly followed by disjointed synths. The way the track has been panned leaves the listener feeling fully unsettled and unsure of what will come next. This use of panning has been very cleverly composed and executed to keep the listener on the edge of their seat. Once the beat kicks in so do the familiar claps and a strong and stead high heat keeping time. The layers upon layers of work in this one track alone is a perfect example of what a brilliant composer and production engineers My Planet is Pluto are.

We also adored, ‘Steve Garland’, there is a catchy beat with synths dancing in and out adding their texture as they do. Once again the ‘safe’ feeling does not last for long, the screaming siren makes for an exhilarating uncomfortable feeling. The track weaves in and out but the listener can take comfort in the double kicks bubbling away in the background, predictable and inviting.

There are many top notch tunes on this mix tape. It is quite dark and disconcerting in nature in places and all tracks are connected by their intricate compositions. The mastering of the mix tape has been done superbly. It can be difficult to make such different tracks work as a cohesive piece but in this case it has been done to perfection.

The production is also a massive highlight. The synths have their own characteristics and recognisable place in the mix. The low register if the bass which is distorted and climbing in many areas makes this mixtape for it. My Planet is Pluto have taken a well loved genre and have innovated it to make a sound which is undeniably theirs.

One thing is for sure, My Planet is Pluto are always interesting and unpredictable. We can not wait to hear what comes next!

Reviewed by FVReviews June 2018

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