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Lily Lewis

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Lily Lewis – ‘Radio Silence’

Hailing from Los Angeles, musician Lily Lewis has released the excellent single ‘Radio Silence’, in December 2020. It is an indie-pop release with a big heart.

Gorgeous synths open the single. Lily Lewis’s charming vocals enter and instantly take control of the piece. We adore the warmth in her voice which reaches out and touches the listener. 

The backing instrumentation is laid back and provides a solid foundation for the song to shine. We love the kick drum which feels like the heard heartbeat of the song. 

The mix, master and production of the single are superb too. Every part of the layered instrumentation shines, and a harmonious balance has been achieved. In addition, the chorus has a catchy, dreamy quality that stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

Lewis says about the release, “This release of ‘Radio Silence’ is incredibly emotional for me because it’s the first song I’ve made that feels authentic. This is kind of an awakening for me. The photoshoot we did for the artwork was freeing, as I didn’t wear a mini skirt, skin-tight clothing, or brightly coloured sparkles like I’ve been *strongly* encouraged to do for the majority of my career.”

She continues, “I did something so simple as what I wanted to do, and it felt amazing. I think that now, I’m at least on the path of figuring out who I am as an artist.” This is how an artist should feel, free to express themselves, and it is wonderful to hear. 

Going Places

We are massive fans of Lily Lewis, and we are sure she is an artist who is going places. ‘Radio Silence’ sets her as an artist to watch in the 2020s and we very much look forward to hearing what she will do next. 

Lily Lewis is a talented artist, and a stand out troubadour with a bright future. Make sure you add ‘Radio Silence’ to your weekday playlist, you will not be disappointed!

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