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Limpet Space Race – ‘Half Light’

Limpet Space Race are an experimental pop duo. Their latest single, ‘Half Light’ has been released on Upcycled Sounds Records, and is a mesmerising and soul-enriching song.

A thick kick drum and an inviting snare set the tone of the track from the beginning of the single. Warm vocals enter and demand the listener’s attention. Their profoundly emotional performance is simply divine. Unusual percussion fills the audio landscape, and the attention to detail in each of the elements is part of what gives ‘Half Light’ its charm.

We also love the video that accompanies the release. Directed and filmed by Siobhán Cox (, it is the perfect accompaniment to a brilliant song. It is mainly in black and white, and there are flicks of colour illuminating the visuals.

Limpet Space Race says, “‘Half Light’ is about living between conflicting realities when two incompatible lives happen in one body. The song draws on different versions of this clash that I’ve seen but mainly on my life with a body that only works half the time – a trade-off from cheating death as a baby. One day I’m wrecked, chucking up and my’ head is full of air’ and the next I’m running around, cramming in all the life while I can. It feels like two different people, with different existences, memories and personalities. When one of them is in control, the other fades away, only seen in a half-light.”

Experimental and innovating, ‘Half Light’ is a spellbinding song. Recorded and mixed by Nicholas O’Brien and produced by Upcycled Sounds ( this single features, deeply personal lyrics, electronic instrumentation and melodic vocals. They all come together in perfect harmony on this unique and trailblazing song.

Make sure you check out ‘Half Light’ this weekend, you will not be disappointed!

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