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Filled with heart and soul, ‘Amulet’ is the latest release by the brilliant artist, Lizabeth Yandel. Based in San Diego, CA and originally from Chicago, Yandel is a forced to be reckoned with and ‘Amulet’ is a song destined for success. 

Filled with a gorgeous electric guitar that plays the feature jazz groove throughout, majestic layered vocals, percussion, keys, and bass, ‘Amulet’ is a beautifully composed song. The melody is intoxicating and the harmonies are simply stunning.

Yandel wrote ‘Amulet’ after a dream she had. She had dreamt she wrote a song with the magnificent artist, Erykah Badu (Yandel keeps excellent sleep company). She woke up and recorded an idea of it on her phone, went back to sleep and rediscovered it the next day. We are so glad she did! Yandel says, “This was at a time in my life when giving up, even suicide, seemed like a viable option. So, I wrote it as a kind of plea to myself to stay alive, as a reminder that being alive is a choice and that music can be my lifeline out of even the worst despair.” Her words here will resonate with a lot of people and we are sure many will find solace in them.

Yandel is far more than just a solo singer/songwriter. With her original band, The Slow Kill, as well as the hip-hop duo, Eastern Sunz, she has played venues and festivals up and down the West Coast. Her poetry can be found in Rattle Magazine, Lumina Journal, Popshot Magazine, The Nashville Review, among others, and was chosen as runner up for the 2018 Sandy Crimmins National Prize for Poetry. 

So make sure you check out this incredible artist. She is a force of nature and we are sure ‘Amulet’ will knock you off your feet. 

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