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Lost Club

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Lost Club – ‘Phantasmagoria’

Lost Club has released the superb EP ‘Phantasmagoria’, in October 2020. It is a four-track indie-pop release that needs to be heard!

‘Easy Love’ features an attention-grabbing opening that is filled with texture and colour. We love ‘Breakfast Club’ too, its big eighties drums fill the sonic spectrum and set the ‘Phantasmagoria’ alight. 

‘Keep Me (At A Distance)’ has a fun, upbeat and engaging vibe from the get-go. The dancing melodies are intoxicating and capture the listener’s attention. We adore Lost Club’s breathy and emotion-filled vocals; they effortlessly guide the song along. The main melody is catchy and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

In addition, we adore the mix, production and master of this EP, it has a warm vibe to it, and all of the instrumentation has their own space in the mix. Simply magical. 

Lost Club says about his music, “I just wanted to put something out there that I can be proud of. If other people can enjoy and get something out of this music, then that’s when I feel like I’ve exceeded what I set out to accomplish.” Lost Club has undoubtedly succeeded in his mission with this EP. He is releasing deeply relatable music that connects with his audience. 

Solo Project

Lost Club is the solo project of Jacksonville native, Nick Garcia. Citing his influences as coming from artists such as Noah and The Whale, The Strokes, The 1975, and Passion Pit, Garcia is a superb musician in his own right. He is a talented artist, and we eagerly anticipate what will come next. 

We can not recommend ‘Phantasmagoria’ highly enough. It is one which needs to be added to your weekend playlist; you will not be disappointed! 

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