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Louisa Maria

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Louisa Maria – ‘Give Me More’

The superb musician Louisa Maria is back with her magnificent latest release ‘Give Me More’. It is an electronic-pop release with a Latin feel that is destined to warm up your autumn 2020. 

A wonderful acoustic guitar opens the release before the energetic beat drops. Louisa Maria’s soulful and enticing vocals inject their unique colour into the song, and under her guidance, the single is in full flow. 

The chorus is catchy and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. The arrangement of the track is brilliant too; it comes full circle, ending as it began with the beautiful solo guitar.

Most of all, we adore the vibe of the single, which is upbeat and joyous. ‘Give Me More’ is the medicine we all need at the moment! In addition, we have added ‘Give Me More’ to our FV Music Blog playlist, check it out here! 

Louisa Maria says about the single release, “I want people to express themselves with this track – it has great sensual lyrics and melodic hooks – Don’t be afraid to let go and give that dance floor what it needs!” Objective achieved! ‘Give Me More’ will get the audience moving and shaking in no time!


‘Give Me More’ is the latest single to be released from Louisa Maria’s EP ‘Tea for Two’. After hearing this latest superb single, we can not wait to hear the full EP. It has been inspired by Louisa Maria’s love of Latin culture, and this transcends the music. 

One thing is for sure, Louisa Maria is a dynamic and driven artist who is making waves with ‘Give Me More’. She is an artist to watch in the 2020s, and we very much look forward to hearing what she will do next. 

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