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Luigi Carneiro – ‘We Work Well Together’

Musician Luigi Carneiro has released his exquisite latest single, ”We Work Well Together”, and it is a dynamic and vibrant song. 

Punchy drums and swirling synths open the release before a funky bass breaks through. Carneiro’s voice is full of character and charm; it guides the single along with positive and relatable lyrics. We love the main hook of the song; it is memorable and will have you reaching for the repeat button. It is an uplifting and joyous song. Simply blissful.

Carneiro’s band are comprised of Luigi Carneiro (Vocals/Bass/Keyboards/Acoustic Guitars), Marcelo Lima (Producer/Keyboards & Guitars), Brenner Bianco (Electric/Acoustic Guitars), Bruno Bona (Keyboards), Marcelo Effori (Drums), and JJ Franco (Bass). Separately they are clearly excellent musicians who know their respective crafts inside out. When they play together, magic happens. 

Carneiro cites his influences as The Beatles, Duran Duran, Sting, Michael Jackson and Seal. They come through in the music, but Carneiro has his own instantly recognisable charm and style. ‘We Work Well Together’ is taken from the album ‘Staring at Paradise in Times of Chaos’. The single was released on Canadian label, Dying Light Records, on 31st January 2020. The album is 15 tracks in total and was recorded independently by Carneiro himself. 

Carneiro says of the album, “The title is broader than just a personal situation. We live in a world surrounded by stress, conflicts, manipulated news, fake prophets and divisiveness. But the beauty of humanity is that we are capable of seeing beauty, finding love, helping others, despite all the chaos that surround us. We can find Paradise if we want to.”

Make sure you check out the video for ‘We Work Well Together’ below, you will not be disappointed!

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  1. Wow. Thank you, Guys!
    Marcelo Lima

    1. More than welcome

  2. Clarisse Anderton Avatar
    Clarisse Anderton

    Important message on how we should behave as human beings to better the world around us!

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