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Luke Lanzon

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Luke Lanzon – ‘Saving Grace’

Hailing from St. Louis, musician Luke Lanzon has released the superb single ‘Saving Grace’. It is an indie-pop classic in the making!

From an atmospheric opening, a gorgeous piano and Luke Lanzon’s soulful vocals enter. An acoustic guitar and hazy synths begin and as the track evolves, the bass and drums drop too. By this point, the luscious single is in full flow.

Lyrically, ‘Saving Grace’ is deeply relatable and connects Lanzon to his audience. Lanzon has the ability to make us feel less alone together. Also, we found the chorus to be catchy and memorable. It stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

In addition, we also loved the mix, production and master of ‘Saving Grace’. There is a warmth in the track that thoroughly compels the listener and makes the song stand out as a must-hear release.

Elijah Lucas/Mark Kramer

This release was produced by Elijah Lucas and mastered by Mark Kramer (Low, Daniel Johnston, Galaxie 500, and White Zombie) at Shimmy Disc Records. Together the team have crafted a single release which is accessible and addictive. It is a single which puts Luke Lanzon as an artist to watch in the 2020s. 

Lanzon and Lucas cite their influences as coming from artists such as Animal Collective, Brian Wilson, the Shins, and Fleet Foxes. We can hear these brilliant musicians coming through on ‘Saving Grace’ but make no mistake; the team are making music all of their own.

Released on Betty Ditch Records, ‘Saving Grace’ is a release which we thoroughly recommend checking out this January 2021. Luke Lanzon is a brilliant artist with a big career ahead of him. We look forward to hearing what will come next!

‘Saving Grace’ is available to stream now from the link below, enjoy!

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