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Lukka – ‘No One And Everything In It All’

New York band Lukka, has released their magnificent latest single ‘No One And Everything In It All’, in June 2020. It is an indie-rock single that is making waves this summer. 

A vibrant and enigmatic opening greets the listener. It instantly demands the audience’s attention. We adore the layered and fulfilling vocals which penetrate the piece. We found the vocals to be filled with emotion and heart; they are the centre of the mix and direct proceedings effortlessly. The dancing guitars add colour and texture to the track, while the driving drums keep the song pushing forward. We adore the chorus, which is catchy and memorable. It is composition at its finest!

Also, the mix, production and master of the single have been executed superbly. Everything has its own space in the mix, and a harmonious balance has been reached. ‘No One And Everything In It All’ will please existing Lukka fans, while simultaneously winning them an army of new ones too.



Lukka says about the single, “The project started when I played one of my old songs in reverse mode in LogicProX. I discovered a new guitar riff there from which a new song developed. The song was basically written within 10 minutes.” They continue, “(The) Lyrics mostly talk about us humans, our place in the universe, and that we should love each other more as ‘we might be the only ones, circling around the same sun’.”

So make sure you add ‘No One And Everything In It All’ to your weekday playlist. Lukka is an exciting band with a bright future, and we very much look forward to hearing what they will do next!

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