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Hailing from Utrecht in the Netherlands, LUMINAR has released their stunning debut album ‘Go On’, in November 2020. It is a brilliant dream-pop release that needs to be heard! 

‘Alter Ego’ opens the album to an atmospheric piano, melodic bass and gorgeous vocal performance. There is a warm and intoxicating vibe to the opening that fully draws the listener in.

LUMINAR say about the debut track, “‘Alter Ego’ is about seeing a different version of yourself that you love and trying to get to that person when you can’t seem to feel that way at the time.”

We enjoyed ‘Go On’, the characterful piano is underpinned by a laid back beat, and they lay the foundation for the catchy and memorable vocals to shine. ‘Still Moving On’ has a gorgeous guitar opening and evolves with the listener. There is a cinematic, spacious feeling to the track which is simply wonderful. 

‘One Day’ features a beautiful acoustic guitar, filled with a luscious tone and captivating resonance. Finally, ‘Burning Up the Night’ closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more. 

LUMINAR are composed of musicians Evert Zeevalkink (guitarist, composer, producer), and Sofia Dragt (composer, singer), together they are a force to be reckoned with. They also worked with drummer Willem van der Krabben on some of the songs too. The team have created a wonderful album that takes the listener on a journey.  


The duo cites their influences as coming from artists such as Mainly Olafur Arnalds, Sigur Rós, Bon Iver, and London Grammar. We can hear these musicians coming through on ‘Go On’ but make no mistake, LUMINAR is making awesome music all of their own. 

So make sure to add ‘Go On’ to your weekday playlist. LUMINAR are a duo who are just getting started, and we very much look forward to hearing what they will do next!

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