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Luna Keller – ‘Two Chord Song’

‘Two Chord Song’ is the superb latest single by Americana artist, Luna Keller. It is essentially a love song, filled with an honest and genuine heart. 

We adored the acoustic guitar opening that sets the scene beautifully. Keller’s vocals are warm and inviting with the percussion and bass, adding further texture to the piece. Keller’s accent comes through her vibrant and characterful vocals, adding an extra sprinkle of charm. There is also an eye-catching video that accompanies the release. It holds the perfect visuals to complement this layered and inviting single. 

Keller says, “We had a lot of fun creating all the sounds in the studio, coming up with unusual and creative ideas to make the song different and interesting – despite the fact that, (as the title implies) it’s only got two chords.” She continues, “For me, it’s a public celebration of a wonderful relationship that has made me grow as a person and enriched my life throughout the last years (and hopefully many to come!). That’s what ‘Two Chord Song’ is about, sharing your madness with someone without shame or fear. Dreaming together, laughing, dancing… it’s about that feeling that you get when you’re in Love. The feeling that everything is possible!”

‘Two Chord Song’ is part of the ‘Alice is in Love with the Mad Hatter’ EP that was released in November 2019. On the strength of this single, we can not wait to check out the full EP! If you’d like to start 2020 with a loved up, catchy and memorable song, ‘Two Chord Song’ is for you! We can not wait to hear what this talented artist will do next!

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