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Lydia Briggs
Lydia Briggs

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Lydia Briggs – ‘Morning’

Lydia Briggs has done it again. Her latest single ‘Morning’, is a Folk-pop release that firmly places Briggs as one of the finest troubadours of 2020. 

Briggs’s stunning vocals open the release. She is accompanied by a characterful piano, which provides the stoic backdrop for the vocals to shine. The lyrics have a vulnerability to them, and this adds extra charm to the piece. A gorgeous cello enters, and the single elegantly glides along.  

We adore the harmonious balance that is achieved between the stripped-back instrumentation. This arrangement lets the song shine in the light in which it was written. It is another top-class single from this formidable artist.

Briggs says about the release, “I wanted to understand what it means to be vulnerable when you feel a close connection to a person you’re attracted to.” She continues, “You want that person to notice you and pull you in close, but there’s tension in not knowing what will happen.”

Alan Harrell

Briggs worked with Cleveland Orchestra cellist, Alan Harrell, on this excellent release. His superb string work reinforces the tension in the piece and adds extra thrilling layers of dynamic energy to the single. 

Since the release of her last single, Briggs has accumulated over 337,000 streams on Spotify and Youtube. That massive number in such a short period of time is testament to the talent that Lydia Briggs possesses. She is an artist who is continually pushing forward, innovating her sound and driving towards that next great release. 

We first discovered Lydia Briggs over a year ago, and she is going from strength to strength with each new release. ‘Morning’ is no exception. Make sure you check it out from the link below. 

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