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‘Rock Bottom’ is the thrilling latest release from Cleveland-based singer/songwriter, Lydia Briggs.

This is a hard-hitting single with a gorgeous and catchy chorus to boot. Briggs’s vocals are the shining star, they are rich and warm with beautiful texture and character too. The sprightly piano riffs remind us of Sara Bareilles in places. It is a song that will have you reaching for the repeat button!

Briggs has teamed up with multi-platinum producer, Jim Wirt. She has been working with Wirt since she was 14 years old and together they are producing excellent music. ‘Rock Bottom’ is a prime example of this. They are artists who clearly understand one another and the product is music which will stand the test of time.

There is also a brilliant video that accompanies the release. It is organic in its visuals and is filled with nods to nature. Briggs says, “Creating this video was extremely cathartic, my songs stem from real-life experiences. So writing ‘Rock Bottom’ is the first step to overcome the powerlessness I sometimes feel as a young woman. The video allowed me to express my fear, anger, and sadness in a safe place. And I was able to do this in a beautiful way with a really fun crew around me.” We feel all of these hopes have been executed well and are clearly portrayed in the video and the music.

Briggs’s heroes are noted as including, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, and Carole King. These fine artists’ influence can be felt on this single. One thing is for sure, they are certainly in good company with Lydia Briggs. She is an artist with a big career in front of her. Her mature and heartfelt writings are way beyond her tender 16 years and growing and nurturing this talent will see her go far. We will be watching with eager anticipation to see what will come next from such an exciting musician.

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